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Top Alterations Tailor in NYC specializing in rush alterations, express alterations, same day alterations. Using best tailor practices and adhering to the highest quality tailoring standards. All work is honored with a 1 year warranty for fit and quality.

Price List for Alterations in NYC

Our expert alterations tailors in NYC ensure you look and feel your best with clothing altered to fit you just right.  Our primary focus is on quality, fit, and service.  We specialize in both men's and women's alterations.  From men's suits to women's formal dresses, we can handle everything and anything in between. We guarantee all our work for one year, even if you fluctuate in weight or simply change your mind about the fit, no questions asked. 

AlterationsNYC of NY provide top notch, high end tailoring on both Men's and Women's garments, with extreme attention to detail. Guaranteeing your satisfaction from simple alterations to high constructive intricate stitching by hand. There are many additional benefits to altering garments aside from obtaining a better fit. These benefits include: recycling sentimental clothing, saving money, safe way to keep up with fashion trends, and the ability to be creative with your garments. For men and women alike, off the rack clothing provides general fit for the average person whilst alterations provide your fit, for one person, you. 

This is where we, at AlterationsNYC come in. There is no-job too basic or complicated that we cannot handle: from basic hems, to delicate shoulder reductions, we do them all. When shopping, size means everything. Whether you stick to traditional, modern, retro, or conservative trends, you deserve to have a say in how your clothing fits. Four different people can buy the same exact garment, and have completely different ideas on how that garment should fit. In this case it is a matter of personal style. If only you were in control of how your garments were altered, right? Here at AlterationsNYC, you are the boss. You are in control of your garments, and we will not stop until you are satisfied. 


Our flat-rate alteration pricing is listed below.


AlterationsNYC Price List


Frequently Asked Questions about Alterations

Are tuxedo measurements offered at your service?
Yes, with a tuxedo form brought with the customer, upon arrival.

Where are you located?
We are located in the heart of NYC, on 112 W. 34th Street Herald Square.

Are surgical cuffs offered at your services?
Yes, we provide surgical cuffs as well as imitation buttonholes.

Do you do women wedding dress alterations?
Yes, we do women tailoring on any garment at our Women's Manhattan Tailor shop, located on 590 Madison avenue.

Can you save extra fabric on the inside of my pant legs after a hem?
Yes, at your request we can keep extra fabric inside a pant leg(s).

How much does it cost to take in or let out a suit jacket or blazer?
$60 to take in or let out a suit jacket or a blazer.  Additional for outerwear.

How much does it cost to shorten or lengthen both sleeves of a jacket?
$60 to shorten sleeves.  Additional for outerwear.

Do you replace zippers?
Yes, we replace zippers on most casual and outerwear. Prices may vary.

My suit fits a few sizes too big. Can you make it closer to an Italian Fit look?
Yes!  We specialize in suit re-cuts.  We can convert an oversize suit to a slim fit.

How long does a fitting take?
An average fitting takes between 25-30 min, each client has the option to choose their fitting duration.

If I bring in a bulk of items, can I get a discount?
With our competitive pricing within NY tailoring , we provide discounts and special offers in relation to bulk items.

Do you work on bespoke garments?
Yes we tailor Bespoke as well as made to measure garments.

Is it okay to reschedule my appointment?
Yes, you can change your appointment online, or give us a call and we can do so for you for any of of the 3 locations within NY.

What happens if I change my mind about the fit?
We offer a 1-year guarantee no questions asked policy. All work on alterations we worked on is guaranteed.

What is your fastest turn around-time?
We can get your items back to you after 1 day depending on how many alterations are needed.

Do you work on women's garments?
We have 3 locations in New York, NY, our 57th and Madison location focuses mainly on women's garments alterations.

Does AlterationsNYC craft bespoke suits?
We do not, however our 545 5th avenue location specializes in custom bespoke suits.

Do you made to measure shirts or suits?
Unfortunately we do not create any custom outerwear, however made to measure shirts and suits an be found at our 545 5th avenue location, as well as custom bespoke clothing.

How do your prices compare to other tailors?
We try to stay competitive with price within our immediate area of NY. We feel our prices are reasonable when you compare the fit and quality of our work. The fit and the work is unconditionally guaranteed for life - no questions asked. We offer a 100% money back guarantee for any specific portion of the alteration that you are not happy with.

What are your business hours? Are you open on weekends?
Our business hours are from 10am - 6:30pm Mon-Fri, and no we are not open on the weekends, however we have a separate location in NY on 45th street on 5th Ave, which is 545 5th Ave, that accommodates for appointments on the weekends.